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If you want to know non-profit and legal cannabis club for the consumption of Marijuana in the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Zaragoza. Contact us and we will help you give you the best option in clubs. In addition, you can read interesting articles about cannabis; such as its legalization in Spain, its uses, implications and much more.

Club Cannabis en Madrid

What is a Cannabis Club?

A cannabis club in Madrid or any Spanish city, is a private space where cannabis consumers (previously registered members) meet to share and consume cannabis legally and safely in a social environment. In a cannabis club, members can gather to smoke or consume other cannabis products, participate in social or educational activities related to cannabis, and learn about the different uses and applications of the plant. Cannabis clubs focus on providing a safe, social space for smokers to meet and share experiences.

How to join a Cannabis Club in Madrid?

Regulations in Spain only allow the use of cannabis in spaces such as cannabis clubs or in private, closed environments, such as houses or apartments. Under Spanish law, the display of signs and advertising is prohibited, and public access to cannabis clubs and their facilities is restricted.

Unlike cafes in Amsterdam, it is not possible to enter without an invitation, as you will be turned away. To become a member of the club, you have two options: you can receive an invitation from an existing member who can confirm that you have used marijuana before, or you can obtain an invitation from a promoter who is your endorser. This legal strategy seeks to limit the promotion of cannabis culture, especially among youth, while ensuring that access to marijuana is legal and available to adult citizens and visitors to the country.

Contact us and we will provide you with a guarantee so that you can access and be a member of the best cannabis clubs in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville…
You must be over 21 years old in most clubs.

Estigia Club Cannabis Madrid
On this website we offer content for informational purposes. The purpose is to inform about the private cannabis clubs that exist in Spain and the current legislation. We, in no case and in no way promote the use and/or consumption of cannabis.

Some of the best Cannabis Clubs

Meet members who can invite you through our website or contact us and we will help you find the cannabis club that best suits your needs.

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