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We are a team of restless people who have created a safe space on the Internet in which to find places to consume without exposing yourself to the risks associated with consumption and provide legal advice on any Cannabis issue in Europe.

Our main concern is that cannabis consumers find and enjoy a comfortable and safe environment in which they can share interests and consume freely in accordance with the legislation.

Club Cannabis en Madrid


Cannabis club near me

If you are looking for a Cannabico Club in your city, you are in the right portal, we will recommend the best ones in your city.

Cannabis Club for Tourists

In Spain, the law dictates that a Club is a non-profit organization of members who join and pay maintenance fees to smoke and grow marijuana, therefore a tourist would not be authorized, but if you have a friend in the city who is member, they can invite you if you pay the maintenance fee.

Cannabis Club Memebership

In order to become a member of a club, you must be invited by a current member. We can be your endorsement for the largest cannabis clubs in Madrid or Barcelona.

Can you smoke weed on the street?

The current regulations clearly say no. And if we smoke we can be punished with an administrative fine. The legislation regarding consumption makes it very clear, do what you want as long as I don’t see you.

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